Bankruptcy Services

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most common, quickest, and simplest form of debt relief available under the United States Bankruptcy Code. It is designed for individuals, married couples, and businesses that have not filed a previous Chapter 7 case within the past… Read More

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you struggling with debt and looking for a way out? It is important to learn about your full scope of debt relief options. One of those options — Chapter 13 bankruptcy — reorganizes debt and establishes an affordable repayment plan that allow… Read More

Stopping Foreclosure & Evictions

It is possible to stop or delay a foreclosure or eviction through bankruptcy. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy stalls foreclosure and gives you an opportunity to assess the situation. Additionally, it may also stall an eviction proceeding from starting an… Read More

Stopping Utility Shut Offs

You can stop a current shut-off of a utility and re-establish service after filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Generally, the process can be completed within a day or so from the filing of your case. A bankruptcy discharge will eli… Read More

Stopping Wage Garnishments

You can stop and prevent wage garnishment in Ohio through bankruptcy. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy immediately creates an automatic stay that protects your paycheck, bank accounts, and property. The automatic stay also prohibi… Read More

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Are you tired of the incessant creditor collection calls or emails, texts, and letters? Did you know that filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy creates an automatic stay that prohibits creditors from trying to collect on your debts, including sto… Read More

Stopping Lawsuits and Judgements

You can stop lawsuits filed against you in Ohio — either before they are filed or even after paperwork has been submitted to a court. Through bankruptcy, you can stop creditors from all types of collections, including lawsuits and most judgments. F… Read More

Eliminating Debts & Liens

If you are drowning in debt or living paycheck to paycheck, filing for bankruptcy may give you the fresh start you need. At Graham & Associates, our Ohio bankruptcy and debt relief lawyers and highly trained staff guide you through the entire bankrup… Read More

Resolving Tax Issues

Bankruptcy Can Eliminate or Reduce Tax Issues and other Government Debts: Do you owe back taxes, fees, or penalties to the IRS? Do you owe back taxes, fees, or penalties to the State of Ohio or any other state? Do you owe back taxes, fees, or penalti… Read More

Releasing Driver's License Suspensions

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident where you were cited and did not have insurance? Has your driver’s license been suspended due to a past accident where you did not have insurance? Do you owe the Bureau of Motor Vehicles reinstatem… Read More