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Graham & Associates Law Offices, LLC, represents clients throughout northeast Ohio in divorce-related legal matters. If you are seeking to modify a child custody, child support or spousal support order — or if you are looking for help when one party is not abiding by a court order — we can explain your legal options.

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If a parent or ex-spouse is failing to uphold an agreement that was part of the divorce decree — such as child support, child custody or spousal support — the affected party may have legal options. Talk to a divorce enforcement lawyer in Ohio about the specific circumstances of your case. There may be several ways in which to enforce a divorce decree in Ohio.

Post-Divorce Modifications

As lives change over time, it may become necessary to modify certain court orders. Our firm can explain your specific legal options pertaining to modifying:

  • Spousal support — It may be necessary to modify spousal support if one ex-spouse experiences a significant change in income, if the needs of the receiving spouse change significantly, if the receiving spouse remarries and under other circumstances.
  • Child support — Child support may need to be modified if the ability of a parent to pay child support significantly changes, if the financial needs of the child change, if there has been a change in child custody and under other circumstances.
  • Child custody — A child custody modification may be necessary if the needs of the child change, if one parent needs to relocate for a job, if one parent has become unfit to provide child care and under other circumstances.

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