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Child Custody Options

Ohio family courts always consider the best interests of the child or children in custody matters. In most cases, it is in the best interests of a child or children to spend meaningful time with both parents.

Both legal custody and physical custody must be determined. Legal custody refers to the responsibility of making decisions about the child's upbringing (such as health and education-related matters). Physical custody refers to whom the child lives with. Both legal custody and physical custody can be awarded to both parents jointly. If one parent is awarded primary physical custody, the other parent may be assigned visitation. However, the specific needs of the child or children will be considered in every custody case.

Modifying Child Custody

If a child custody arrangement isn't working because one or both parents have experienced a significant change in circumstances (or if the child's needs have changed), parents may wish to seek a child custody modification. Relocation for a job, deployment, a change in one parent's ability to care for the child, and drug or alcohol abuse are common reasons individuals seek to modify a child custody arrangement.

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