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December 2014 Archives

Understanding a creditor's options for collecting unsecured debt

Ohio residents may be interested in how a creditor could legally collect on a debt when there is no property securing that debt. While it may take a trip to the courthouse, a judgment against the debtor could cause serious trouble if not addressed.

U.S. credit card debt down in 2014, but due to defaults

Ohio residents who carry credit card debt could be interested in these facts according to the Federal Reserve. Total U.S. credit card debt as of September was $881.8 billion. U.S. mortgages and student loan debts are the first and second highest U.S. consumer debt, but credit cards are a close third. Households with such debts typically owe and average $15,608.

Lien stripping for second mortgage after bankruptcy

For many Ohio residents, avoiding foreclosure is an important factor in their decision to file for bankruptcy. Before choosing which form of bankruptcy to file, homeowners who have a second mortgage need to know how that obligation will be affected.