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November 2014 Archives

Getting out of credit card debt

When people get into overwhelming credit card debt in Ohio, they may feel like the debt crept up on them. However, credit card debt is usually something that accumulates gradually before it becomes unmanageable. Because most people are given a low credit card limit to start out with, the trouble begins when the limit rises, and the credit card holder becomes tempted to overcharge.

Ohio statute of limitations for credit card debt

Any resident of Ohio or individual who agreed to a credit card contract in Ohio may enjoy the protection that the state statute of limitations on the enforcement of contracts provides. Credit card companies that attempt to collect on a debt after more than six years has passed may find that the liability has expired and payment can no longer be legally compelled.

What should I do if a creditor or debt collector sues me?

Ohio residents may benefit from learning what to do if a creditor or collection agency were to ever file a lawsuit against them. Consumers who have been sued typically benefit from seeking legal counsel with experience in issues concerning debt collection and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Whether the defendants choose to enlist legal representation or not, they are still required to respond to the lawsuit by the date listed on the court document.

Filing bankruptcy more than once

People throughout Ohio may be able to file bankruptcy if they're struggling financially and need assistance. With the debts written off through a discharge or restructured into more affordable payment levels, people can create a more stable financial position. There are many reasons people need to file bankruptcy, including going through a divorce, the loss of a job and medical bills. These events can happen multiple times in a person's life, so an individual may need to file bankruptcy more than one time.