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July 2014 Archives

Small debts can cause headaches for Ohio residents

Individuals in Ohio may have heard the advice to pull one's credit report frequently to see what is being reported. This is an important step in keeping a credit report accurate and credit scores high. This can also reduce the possibility that small debts that have been forgotten or that the consumer was never made aware of can sink a credit score. These debts might result in unexpected drops in a person's credit rating.

How far can credit card companies go in collecting debt?

Ohio residents with credit card debts may be interested in finding out if credit card companies can garnish their retirement funds. While some personal accounts are exempt from garnishment in many circumstances, others are not.

Ohio residents with high credit card debt

In June of 2014, a consumer website conducted a poll asking site visitors whether or not they were embarrassed by their credit card balances. This question was prompted by another survey that found that people are more likely to be embarrassed by their credit card balance than their weight. However, another study conducted by a think tank suggests that there may be no correlation between a high level of credit card debt and responsible household spending habits.

What debt collectors can and cannot do

Many Ohio residents know what it is to deal with the burden of debt. This financial weight is often terribly exacerbated by aggressive debt collection efforts from agencies that knowingly skirt or break the law. It is essential for anyone in such a situation to know their rights and to stand up for them.