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January 2014 Archives

Do you have room in your budget to pay down credit card debt?

Many people in Ohio have a credit card balance. While having some credit card debt is manageable, if you don't keep up with it, it can end up weighing you down in a way that can seriously affect your well-being.

Hospital's equipment up in the air after Chapter 7 filing

Facing overwhelming debt can be a challenging experience. When creditors start coming after you, it is easy to become frightened or intimidated. Fortunately, there are ways to slow down the process, allowing you decide the best way to move forward.

Bankruptcy filings could increase as job outlook gets better

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a way for people to reorganize their debt while avoiding collection activities such as wage garnishment and foreclosure. Since 2010 national filings for bankruptcy have declined. However, even though the economy is improving, experts in the bankruptcy field say that improved employment rates may cause Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and other types of filings, to increase. This is due to consumer confidence levels rising with their income, thus increasing their comfort in borrowing and making large purchases.

What happens if you're in bankruptcy but can't make the mortgage?

As some Ohio residents know, filing for bankruptcy as a way to save a home from foreclosure is not uncommon. Sometimes lenders are willing to make modifications to a mortgage to help a family or individual remain in a home. What happens, however, if you are several years into a personal bankruptcy filing and once again cannot make regular mortgage payments? If you're tired of trying to keep your home and want out, can you just let it go into foreclosure? 

Relieve your debt woes by filing for bankruptcy

Debt is a reality of life for many of us in Ohio. This is especially true around the holidays when our judgments are susceptible to the whims of the season. The pressure to provide gifts for friends and family can push us past the limits of our bank accounts and leave us drowning in debt.