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A Fresh Start Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Are you struggling with debt and looking for a way out? It is important to learn about your full scope of debt relief options. One of those options — Chapter 13 bankruptcy — reorganizes debt and establishes an affordable repayment plan that allows individuals to repay a certain amount of the debt while avoiding foreclosure, wage garnishment and other negative effects.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Basics

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is an alternative to Chapter 7. It is designed to reduce certain types of debt through an affordable payment plan, most often without the loss of property such as houses, vehicles, personal property or retirement savings. This option is often used to prevent foreclosure or repossession, to resolve or eliminate legal proceedings that have already commenced, and to reduce vehicle loan balances, payments and interest rates. It is also commonly used to deal with delinquent tax debts as well as student loan repayment issues.

Who Can File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

  • People who have already filed Chapter 7 within the past eight years, but still need assistance coping with their debts
  • People who have homes or other real estate that is in or near foreclosure that they wish to keep
  • People with homes that have negative equity in their house may be able to strip off and eliminate their second mortgage and/or equity line of credit
  • People who have judgment liens on their real estate
  • People with vehicle loans that are in danger of becoming delinquent, leading to possible repossession
  • People who have assets such as homes, vehicles or profitable small businesses that are owned "free and clear" or are nearly paid off such that the owners do not want to lose them to creditors
  • People who earn "above average" income (as determined by the Bankruptcy Code) who are able to pay portions of their debts, but are unable to pay their total debts or required monthly minimums
  • People who have recent or past tax debts, child or spousal support arrearages, deficiencies on their student loans (generally nondischargeable debt through Chapter 7) who need assistance with these bills

There are many benefits to filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, including the ability to lower vehicle payments, eliminate mortgage deficiencies, lower tax debts, provide student loan relief, lower or eliminate interest on many types of debts and strip liens and/or second mortgages and equity lines off of homes.

At Graham & Associates, our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will guide you through the process with compassion and experience. We will discuss all of your options with you, including Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy, to find you the debt relief option that best fits your individual needs.

Lien Stripping

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge any secondary liens on your home, including a second mortgage or home equity line of credit or a lien placed on your house by way of a court judgment. This is known as lien stripping. This is possible if your house is upside down (or "underwater") in value. If the value of your house is less than what you owe on your first mortgage, through filing Chapter 13, you may be able to pay only the first mortgage and discharge the second one (or other liens as well) completely.

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